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  • Does my purchase total include tax?
    Yes! If you purchase in Guatemala, your total price includes the cost of tax (IVA). If you purchase in the U.S.A., you will not be charged extra for tax!
  • How do I apply coupons or use a gift card?
    When you check out at the online store, the left hand side of the page will show your total. Directly below the 'Total', there is a link that says, 'Redeem Your Code.' Here, you can redeem any coupon code or gift card code that you may have! If you live locally in Guatemala, you can apply the code 'Guate' for a local discount.
  • How long does shipping take?
    If you purchase products online in the U.S.A, you can expect your shipment to arrive within one week! If there are any delays, we will notify you in advance! (If you are purchasing a large order of more than 75 products for your company, please beware that we ask for a 4-6 week notice!)
  • How Do I Use the Roll-on Oils?
    We offer a line of five roll-on oils that support wellness and pain-management! They also smell delightful and can serve as an all-natural perfume! Roll the oils directly onto your skin wherever you experience discomfort to find relief. Sound Mind - Roll this headache relief onto your temples, forehead, and the nape of your neck! It uses jojoba oil to hydrate and moisturize while bringing you some peace! Good Instincts - Roll this directly onto your stomach for relief from bloating and nausea. Apply it to your wrists and behind your ears when you need relief from motion sickness. Comfort Zone - Roll this anywhere where you experience pain, stiffness or discomfort! Sore neck, stiff knee? Roll this blend of arnica and essential oils all around the area for some natural relief! Alive and Thriving - This oil blend supports your immune system and can help relieve allergy symptoms! Roll it on the base of your feet and on your neck and chest each night for immunity support! Luna Llena - Not just a floral and spicy perfume! Relieve menstrual pain - roll it directly on your abdomen and wrists to relieve cramps, and roll it on your chest and wrists for a mood boost!
  • Are donations tax-deductible?
    Yes! All donations through the U.S.A. are tax deductible through the nonprofit branch, Eden International Inc. If you would like to invite your company, church, or club to make a donation, please reach out and we will provide you with all necessary information! Thank you for considering a donation! Your generosity makes this work of disability inclusion possible! Donations are available to Eden International Inc. through: Paypal - Zelle - Check - Eden International Inc. / 906 Hennessy Rd, Yakima, WA, 98908 Patreon (recurring monthly) -
  • Can I volunteer?
    Yes! We are always looking for volunteer support! If you want to partner with us virtually from the U.S.A., please reach out via email to check on our ongoing volunteer opportunities! If you are in Antigua, Guatemala and you would like to volunteer with us, we would be thrilled for you to join our workshops! Send us an email to connect!
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