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All-Natural Wellness Products

Edén is an Association and not-for-profit business in Antigua, Guatemala, created in 2019 by a group of friends, both with and without disabilities.  We craft wellness products using organic essential oils and natural ingredients, and we create accessible and inclusive jobs for entrepreneurs with disabilities.  We offer "Personal Wellness for the Collective Good."


All-Natural Wellness

Recyclable Packaging

Job Creation and Labor Inclusion

       10/10 for quality and purpose.       


Meg, Seattle

Beyond being an incredible organization that creates opportunities for Guatemalans with disabilities, Eden Por Salud delivers truly unique and high quality products. I have the Sound Mind and Body Ease roll-ons and seriously, these essential oils are GOLD.

Abbi, Antigua

Fantastic products all in glass containers.  I bought one of each of the rollers and keep them in my purse. When I received my products each one had a little card on it signed by the person who made it. Amazing project and wonderful thoughtfully made products.

Liz, Antigua

I've been using Eden's natural insect repellent and LOVE IT! It feels incredible on my skin and smells great too. I love that I'm caring for nature and that their project empowers the local community. Would 100% recommend!

Ivory, Antigua

Contact Edén

Paisaje San Anton #2, Calle Ancha Los Herrerros, Antigua, Guatemala

US: 1-509-833-2286

GT: 502-3720-4359

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